OTN Basics

Look back at the emergence and evolution of OTN and learn the challenges that led to the development of this digital wrapper technology. Learn the terminology, concepts, and basic operations of OTN. Get a quick introduction into additional product and technology training including Ciena’s industry-recognized Technology Certifications program.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Basics

Look back at the history and emergence of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and learn why MPLS was developed. Study the terminology, concepts, and the basic operations of MPLS. Learn the benefits and applications of this traffic engineering technology.

Packet Networking Switch Overview

Discover what Ciena has to offer for Packet Networking (Carrier Ethernet) hardware and software and get an introduction to Carrier Ethernet concepts with this product overview. Learn the capabilities of Ciena’s Service Aggregation Switches and Service Delivery Switches. See the products available from Ciena to make managing networks easier. Learn about the specialists services provided by Ciena and find out about related product and technology training.

Ethernet Basics

Get the basics on the operation and use of Ethernet networks with this course. Learn the basics about Ethernet frame structure. Find out where Ethernet networks are set up at home and in industry. Learn some of the digital communications fundamentals common to all computer networks.

Technology Series: Measuring Optical Loss

Discover optical power meter features and functions, loss measurement procedures, and learn how to calculate optical link power and loss budgets.

Fiber Cleaning, Inspection and Analysis

Learn how to safely clean, inspect, and perform end face analysis of optical fiber with this course. See the common fiber types and connector types as well as the materials and tools used to perform optical fiber cleaning and inspection.

Quality & Reliability: Soldering Basics

Learn about soldering safety and good workstation practices with this quality and reliability course. Learn the tools and equipment used for soldering, de-soldering, and cleaning.

Fiber Optics Fundamentals

Learn the basic concepts of Fiber Optics and get an introduction to various optical fiber types and the common measuring equipment used in telecommunications transmission.

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