Ciena 6200 Packet-Optical Platform

Packet-Optical Platform

As a single investment that ensures a smooth and long-term network evolution, Ciena’s 6200 is a highly flexible, scalable, and compact edge device that enables operators to support both existing and new emerging services in customizable, cost-optimized configurations.


  • Provides a highly scalable edge platform that supports up to 10G/10GE line rates with 60G low-order non-blocking TDM and 64G wire-speed Ethernet switching fabrics
  • Supports a wide variety of services from E1/DS1 to 10G/10GE
  • Routes each port on each card flexibly and independently over SONET/SDH or Ethernet
  • Supports comprehensive packet transport capabilities including ITU G.8032, Ethernet OAM, SyncE, and 1588v2
  • Leverages AC and DC powering options in a compact 2RU footprint for a perfect fit into customer premises locations
  • Supports both redundant and non-redundant configurations


The 6200 de-risks capital investment by performing aggregation in many network technologies, matching expenditure to revenue, regardless of how a new service is delivered.

The 6200 Packet-Optical Platform is a highly dense edge aggregation transport device that supports a mix of PDH, TDM, and Carrier Ethernet, all in one compact platform. It supports existing and emerging next-generation services with less equipment, resulting in simpler operations. The 6200 offers an elegant evolution to next-generation architectures and long-term network viability by providing operators the flexibility of transporting any mix of services over the network of their choice, be it Ethernet or SONET/SDH. Additionally, the 6200 offers AC and DC powering options providing flexibility to meet customer premises power requirements. With its service flexibility and compact, scalable form factor, the 6200 offers distinct benefits for wireless backhaul and business services applications.

Architected For Simpler Network Evolution
With its integrated low-order TDM fabric and support for SONET/SDH network protection schemes, Ciena’s 6200 easily fits into existing SONET/SDH architectures and can operate as a Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP), enabling operators to continue to support profitable DS1/E1, DS3/E3, or Ethernet Private Line (EPL) revenue streams in a compact form factor. Integrated centralized packet switch capabilities with industry-leading 10GE densities can also be activated on the same shelf in parallel to provide a more efficient, lower cost transport of high-growth Ethernet services over a packet infrastructure. Operators have
full flexibility of mapping any client port to any networking protocol, allowing for maximum leverage of hardware investment. Service providers can avoid building overlay networks and are afforded the flexibility of migrating to Ethernet infrastructures whenever their business needs dictate. Additionally, the 6200 provides Circuit Emulation capabilities in the form of Structure Agnostic TDM Aggregation (T1/E1 SAToP) and Circuit Emulation over Metro Ethernet Networks (MEF), such that traditional PDH circuits can be easily carried over metro and core backhaul packet networks.

The 6200 supports a full mix of asynchronous, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet services from 1.5 Mb/s to 10GE rates, in a compact 2U base chassis. An optional 3U extension chassis can be deployed when PDH protection or additional 155M/622M services require support. All optical interfaces are equipped with pluggable optics, allowing each port to be optimized for the specific reach and rate required.

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